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Why BlackSprut?

The leader in search queries among all marketplaces.


All BlackSprut servers are protected, so anyone visiting the BlackSprut website can rest assured that their funds and data are safe.


With the growing popularity of our platform, the quality and variety of items available on the website have also increased. Only on BlackSprut can you find what you need!


BlackSprut website is optimized and user-friendly, regardless of the device or operating system. We have taken into account Hydra's experience and made our platform accessible not only in the darknet but also in the clearnet.

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The most recognizable online marketplace in the CIS








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How to access BlackSprut?

To set up a

Download and install a VPN. Of course, we have everything thought out so that the clearnet link for BlackSprut works even without a VPN. However, for your own safety and to be able to access the BlackSprut website without any problems, we recommend installing a VPN.

Please use the official link provided by the website.

There are many scammers on the internet and they haven't bypassed the darknet markets, so there are many phishing links to BlackSprut online. To protect your time and money, choose official BlackSprut mirror links.

Sign in or register.

The registration and login process is quite simple and similar to familiar services, the most important thing to keep in mind when registering is not to forget to save all passwords and keys for accessing the account.

Choosing a Position.

Due to the large number of positions offered on the website, this item may cause some difficulties, but there's no need to worry. Choose your city, then the product, and then you can select a seller based on the rating and reviews system.

Replenishing Your Balance.

If you are familiar with platforms such as MegaDarkNet, OMG, Solaris, Kraken, Hydra, then you should have no problem with depositing funds. A similar deposit system is available on the platform through third-party BTC exchange services (verified over time and indicated on the website).


What happened to the domain blacksprut com?

We all understand that in the world of the darknet, there is no escaping from blockages by search engines or governments, from various DDoS attacks, which come from people who do not support this business direction in the darknet. This is exactly what the clear domain blacksprut com faced.

Where to get the correct BlackSprut link?

Our team creates informational landing pages like this one to help you find the original BlackSprut mirrors, as the internet is overflowing with phishing links to well-known marketplaces (MegaDarkNet Market, OMG, Solaris, KRAKEN).

How quickly can I buy the desired item?

The purchase of any position you know depends on the selected exchanger through which you plan to replenish the blacksprut site. In the worst case, Bitcoin will reach your wallet within 1.5 hours, but on average, the transaction takes from 5 to 20 minutes.

How does support work?

Our support team works 24/7 and all disputes are handled with special responsibility to avoid any disagreements between all parties involved, as it happened on Hydra. The average time for a moderator of blacksprut to resolve a dispute does not exceed 24 hours from the moment the buyer contacts us.